02 August 2014

Animal Assembly

    Peruvian pigeon.

Meerkat Matriarch

31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Here's a Fruit Bat looking creepy!
I drew it for my nephew since he drew a bat for me, and here's his awesome drawing. Thank you Aiden!

I hope everyone has a spooky night!

03 October 2013

It's been awhile...

My neurotic cat Six snoozin away. This was with Sumi ink in a large moleskin, from life.

A few of the many Feral cats I used to take care of back in N.Y. From a photo, and the leaf was added from another sketch. Thought it could use some balance, Happy Fall!

09 April 2012


Hello, I hope to post more often, but as of now here is a sketch and painting of an Indian Pariah dog. :)

08 November 2011


Hi! Just wanted to share some wolves from my dog book. Hope you enjoy :)

10 September 2011


Hi again, a month later. ;)
Here are some pen and ink Inuit studies. Hopefully more to come sooner than later. :)