26 August 2010


 I thought I would post some paintings and sketches I've not quite finished. I might go back to them some day. I feel like I learned a good deal already, so I might move on to something new. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. :)


  1. wonderfulllllllllll, great to see here <3

  2. Very nice Biff. I like the spiral notebook one it made me wish I could turn to the next page to see what else you are working on:)Keep 'em coming!

  3. Just found your portrait of Fluff. There is so much character to your sketch of the kitties face. I really enjoy it. tweeted it.

  4. Hey stinker! Thanks for dropping some sweet comments man. These new works are awesome- I particualry dig those pencil drawings---but I always dig your pencils ;) Hugs-s.

  5. Tom: Thanks loveeeee <3
    Manuel: Thank you!!!
    Marc: Hey Marc, thanks for stopping by here again, :D
    Joe: Thank you sir! :D
    Teri: thanks seester! I'll keep it up!
    Rebecca:I'm so glad you like the drawing of Fluff! He's the best model I've had yet, and the cutest! haha.Thanks for your tweet!
    Scotty: Your seriously the coolest dude in the greater Long Island area. ;) Thanks Scotty poo!
    Fungi: Oh! thank you!!! :D

  6. Great work! I really like all these and especially the colour in the page with the horses.

  7. These are all so lovely. Totally diggin' that top painting, girl.

  8. eeeeeeeee lets go to the zoo again soon!

  9. these are GREAT! beatiful line

  10. Merveilleux dessins...
    J'aime beaucoup le chat, tout à fait juste dans son attitude de matou royal...

  11. Craig: Thanks so much, I was really inspired by Rien Poortvliet's animal sketch paintings. He uses a yellow undertone often, making the drawing really sing. He did it a bit better though. Here's a link of the inspiration: http://www.wildlifeart.org/ViewArtwork/index.php?tID=411
    Steve: thanks stevi-o, can I call you that? :P
    Alina: Thank you!!!
    Tom: Ok! <3
    German: Thank so much!!
    Tatieva: Thank you so much!! I did a rough translation, but I think I understand, thank you :D!!
    Tom: I did, hehe <3 you.