03 December 2010

Pointy Noses

A small update of a few pointy nosed wolves. I must be obsessed or something...
These were drawn from pics I took at the Seattle zoo. Beautiful white canines, that you don't get to see very often. :)


  1. These are great TIff! Can we make requests for animal sketches? I'd love to see some Prothero renditions of a Tibetan Fox. You would slay that! Not the fox...the drawings.
    Hope all is great dear :)

  2. Scotty: I will draw you a Tibetan fox :D! Thanks for always stopping by here Scott. Things are good, can't complain, I hope life is treating you well also meester.
    Tom: Thanks love.<3
    Sandra: Thank you Miss. Just took a peak at your Blog, I love your new animal sketches! I haven't checked what you been up to for a while, looks like you've been busy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks lady tiffany, you seem to have been busy too.

  4. Wow. Sometimes I can't believe the talents that are out there. Awesome workd (found your blog via Sandra's blog)