18 February 2011



  1. Gahh- beautiful drawings TIff! You should put all these sketches in a book for your admirers to buy.

    So what animal is next? You would really like a fossa- it'a an amazing looking creature. Do a fossa!

  2. Scott took the words right out of my mouth. I want a Prothero sketchbook! Also, my vote for next animal: Dik Dik. I really like when girls draw diks.

  3. Scott: Thanks meester! I'll draw a Fossa, there're awesome! Just watched a video where they climb trees like monkey cats! A Sketchboooook!? oh I don't know, maybe some day...
    Steve: hehehehe! you actually really made my afternoon with that comment, nice one. A Dik it is!

  4. I love the bottom one <3 <3 <3
    I want to see more dogs!!!

  5. Tom: !!! wha!!!! hey I heard you are here in Seattle! Thank you old friend :D
    Tom: ok <3 I just posted more. Not sure if you will even get this comment because I'm so late in relpying, hahah!Love you. :)