22 April 2011

Lions at the Zoo

I took a trip to the Zoo yesterday, mainly to take photos of the residents. :) I came across the lions, soooo gorgeous! The male lion was a bit far away, though my camera is ok for that distance. Anyway, he was getting pretty agitated with me and started spraying on everything, haha. At one point he came up super close to the viewing glass looked at everyone, (what a huge head!) turned around and sprayed the window! It was pretty gross, but I got to say seeing him that close up, you get a sense on how strong and massive they are, really beautiful to see.


  1. nice sketches Tiff! Sounds like that lion was flirting with you...lucky girl; )
    Hope everything is cool- scott

  2. Ha,Ha,Ha! Nasty! You're lucky there was glass between you two. Sounds like he was trying to show ownership of you. GRRRR!
    Beautiful sketches.

  3. Good to see you're still keeping busy with things and getting out to see the sights well. It's always fun to see your work.

  4. Scotty: haha! yeah I don't know, maybe. Thanks Scotters. :)
    Teri: hahah! it was pretty nasty. ;)Thanks Teri!
    Chad: thank you Sir Chad. :)
    Craig: Thank you!!!! :D!!