10 September 2011


Hi again, a month later. ;)
Here are some pen and ink Inuit studies. I just bought some nibs and have been playing around with ink old school style, along with having fun with washes and dry brushing. Twas fun so i think I will be doing it more. Anyway I hope you enjoy the sketches, and hopefully more to come sooner than later. :)


  1. whoa -lovely inks! Love that grouping at the bottom

  2. Loverly <3 it's inspiring to see you experimenting :) ps I like your shirt.

  3. Julien: Thank you! I hope you are doing well:)
    Scott: thanks Scotty, I'll email you soon :D
    Tom: hahah! thanks lovey. <3
    Tyler: Thank so much.:) I love your character designs on your blog by the way.
    Craig: Ah!! thank youuuu!
    Steve: Hey Steve thank you!*beaming smile*