08 November 2011


Hi! Just wanted to share some wolves from my dog book. Hope you enjoy :)


  1. Hi Tiff,

    How's going? Are you coming back for Christmas? I'm planning a group show at Half Moon Bay from Dec 17 to 31. So if you are back, let me know!!

    Anyways, I got my website going!! Check it out:

  2. Finding your blog was a real treat! Inspiring work!

  3. Hey Olivia: Good to see you have a website up!:D I won't be in the bay area for Christmas sorry to say, most likely I'll be down south, visiting the Fam.:) I hope the show goes well. Tell people I say Hi!
    Joey: Well, I'm glad you stopped by here, and thank you for the nice words. :) I just checked out your work as well, lovely studies and beautiful line work, also inspiring!

  4. OoOoo havent seen some of these <3
    Love how you draw canines, Makes me want to have a puppy. I think the head studies are my favorites :)

  5. Beautiful art! I'm glad I've found your blog.

  6. Thanks love, we will have a puppy one day :) <3
    Okha: Thank you!!I'm glad you stopped by :)